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Our Weavers | Handweaving indigenous stories into their designs for generations

In Andean culture weaving originated as a means of communication, a way of recording stories and passing them down through families and generations. Pre-Hispanic societies didn't have a system of writing so the expression of culture in their textiles is incredibly poignant. Countless indigenous Andeans desire to make their living through this culturally significant craft they have spent years perfecting and which has been passed down from generation to generation. This lifestyle is in perilous jeopardy, however, as the fast fashion movement has trained consumers to desire things produced quickly by laborers who are paid less than livable wages. 

As our weavers desire you to be moved by their work, your purchase in turn supports them in living their best lives. We all thank you!

Looms | Tools of the trade

Most of Passeri textiles are crafted on a loom much like the one pictured here. These machines are called "pedal looms" because of the use of the pedal, also called a "treadle," that moves. 

Some Passeri textiles are also created on back-strap looms, as these are often portable, and one of our weavers even weaves while on public transportation! She shared that she loves the ability to weave while taking long bus rides to a market.

Men and women alike weave. In ancient Incan culture, all people who weaved were seen as respected artisans. See our gallery on the left for some video shorts of a few of our weavers.

Color | Breathing life into the story

As you've probably noticed, color is a major aspect of weaving. From the natural dying process to color pallets and designs, Passeri weavers are entirely hands-on.

Though we consult with artisans on color palettes, Passeri places creative direction in terms of final color palettes and designs in the hands of our weavers. This is incredibly important to our team; our weavers desire to share their craft with the world, we help them do so by using their designs and color palettes as they imagine them in our wares.


May their work bring you joy and inspire you to step into your power and be beauty, live compassionately, love everyone, know peace, and be kind.

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