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The Passeri Team | Come walk with us

The Passeri team of cobblers has over 100 years of experience and is dedicated to handcrafting shoes that support you in stepping into your power. Each cut of fabric, stitch, form, and part of the shoe-making process is infused with beauty, compassion, love, peace, and kindness to support you in living your best life. 

Step into your power and come walk with us!

Humble Beginnings | Luciana Passeri 

Our story started on an island in the Amazon rainforest of Peru where I, Luciana Passeri, lived for a month to journey inside and declutter my life - no electricity, no running water, no buildings . . . I slept under a mosquito net, had a playful time with a rat named Mr. Tickles who loved to tease me, as I journaled at night, by running between my head and the outer mesh of the mosquito net. I "showered" with swamp water that was the home of the many crocodiles and anacondas that frequented the swamp, and ate a humble meal of lentils, rice, and plantains most days. Though I had the name of the company and the pillars well cemented into the fabric of the company, it wasn't until my encounter with a coral snake that my focus shifted.

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