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  • All leather & textile exterior
  • Textile is handwoven alpaca wool
  • Leather interior
  • Brass lace holders


PASSERI`s handmade leather hightop TAMBO sneakers are the epitome of luxury and comfort. The interior is lined with soft, luxurious leather that will keep your feet comfortable all day long. The exterior is leather and handwoven with alpaca textiles that are not only beautiful but also durable.


The textile pattern woven by one of the four families in our weaving cooperative tells the story of the Quechua people in the Andes mountains of Peru. The heart represents family and relationships - including business and professional relationships, the cocoa bean is associated with wealth, power, and trade . . . or a rebirth of potential, and the merlot/reddish or gold color is the design of Pachamama or mother earth. The taupe Tambos have the star and mountain pattern, also which have cultural significance to the Andean people in Peru.


These shoes will help you step into your power and thrive. PASSERI is a slow fashion company that brings you products made with love and care. With PASSERI, you can feel good about what you wear because you know that you are supporting sustainable, ethical practices. Come walk with us  . . . order yours today and experience the difference!

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