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The Saloon

With its classic PASSERI handwoven alpaca wool textiles, fine leather, and attractive buckle, this boot transitions perfectly from day to night. Pair them with jeans, dresses, skirts . . . the possibilities are endless! So what the heck, why not dance all night long, feel great in the process, and step into your power and confidence with ease? PASSERI - your new best friend in footwear!


  • Handcrafted With fine Peruvian leather
  • Handwoven one-of-a-kind alpaca wool textiles
  • Locally sourced Passeri buckle
  • Functional zip-up closure
  • Wooden heel
  • Rubber sole 


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At PASSERI, our cobblers infuse each pair of these super-comfy boots with beauty, compassion, love, peace, and kindness to support you in stepping into your power and thriving.

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