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The Botita

Click HERE for our SIZE CHART

Still wondering about your size? Try our cool size app using your phone's camera here, do not guess based on your EU size.

  • Click the link
  • Open the App
  • Choose Country, then gender, then size
  • Click allow app access to your camera
  • If you have long pants on, scrunch your pants up so the app camera can view your entire foot.
  • From the sitting or standing position, hold the camera directly over your feet, if you are too far a way you will get an error message.
  • Click the photo button and whala! The app will tell you your size.


Introducing the PASSERI Botitas – a stylish and versatile shoe that can take you from day to night and from casual to elegant. Made with high-quality black leather, this shoe is perfect for any occasion. The back of this shoe is made from difficult to procure high quality leather in its natural form. The Jaguar motif, pattern is painstakingly painted onto the leather. PASSERI is committed to the slow fashion movement and our handmade boots are absolutely a must have for the fashion-savvy individual.


Step into your power and come walk with us; what are you waiting for?


  • Handcrafted with the highest quality Peruvian leather
  • Brass button adornments
  • Functional Zip-Up Closure
  • 100% Rubber sole
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