• Anna

Our Humble Beginning in the Jungle

Updated: Feb 9

Our story started on an island in the Amazon rainforest of Peru where I lived for a month to journey inside and declutter my life - no electricity, no running water, no buildings . . . I slept under a mosquito net, had a playful time with a rat named Mr. Tickles who loved to tease me as I journaled at night by running between my head and the outer mesh of the mosquito net. I "showered" with swamp water that was the home of the many crocodiles and anacondas that frequented the swamp, and ate a humble meal of lentils, rice, and plantains most days. Though I had the name of the company and the pillars well cemented into the fabric of the company, it wasn't until my encounter with a coral snake that my focus shifted.

To pray, meditate, and manage my own desire to learn to live my best life and support others in doing the same, I would walk, for sometimes hours each morning and night, for what was equivalent of about 6 city blocks behind the humble, wall-less dwellings each day. One morning around 9:30 am I encountered an experience with a gorgeous coral snake that transformed me. Almost stepping on the very large coral snake, and having her raise her tail to strike me, I made a Herculean lateral leap to avoid her death bite. For nights after that encounter the coral snake entered my dreams, likely a result of facing a near death experience . . . her presence in my dreams felt deadly and powerful; at first. In my dreams I would say to her, "You are not welcome into my space until you learn to transmute your power through your beauty." After one powerful dream experience with her, I was exasperated and said to the snake, "Look to your skin! You are beautiful! Transmute your power through a lens of beauty, love, compassion, peace, and kindness and then you will know true power!" I awoke from that dreamy vision state ineffably changed . . . the snake had taught me a beautiful life lesson and the universe created a pathway through the Passeri brand for me to share that with you. May we understand that in our defensiveness, a natural desire to protect ourselves, we can sometimes say things to others, or do things, that are "deadly." We can damage ourselves and others when we operate in life from a place of defensiveness and fear. We have nothing to defend and nothing to fear, except perhaps the limitations we set on ourselves that prevent us from truly thriving. May you truly know and experience your own beauty and power each day; may you lead in kindness, and always gaze on life through a lens of beauty, love, compassion, peace, and kindness. Being human and kind is not a duality. HumanKind, be both; today.

Our wears are your daily reminder of your power; may you personally thrive, healing yourself and the planet along the way. I pray you come walk with us as we all journey to connect more profoundly with Self, other, and the planet.

​In Love and Light, Luciana

PS: I met our General Manager of Manufacturing just three days after leaving the jungle and I am forever grateful for the beauty he and the other artisans bring into my life and the world through their craft; may you also be touched by their work, and the work of the many weaving artisans who infuse our products with beauty, love, compassion, peace, and kindness - in unity we not only have the power to transform ourselves, but also our communities and the world.