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  • Quality
    All Passeri shoes are handmade and thus each pair will be beautifully unique. Our textiles are 100% organically dyed alpaca wool that is handwoven on traditional Peruvian looms by Quechua weavers. And, our leather is of the highest quality. PASSERI artisans take tremendous pride in their craft - every step of the shoe-making process is made with love and impeccable craftspersonship. Each of our shoes is infused with our five pillars: Be Beauty, Live Compassionately, Love Everyone, Know Peace, & Be Kind. And, because our products are made of natural fibers, we believe those qualities are passed on to you through our wearable art.
  • How do I find my size?
    Finding your Passeri size is important to ensure maximum comfort. Please note, however, that most people will find the shoes snug at first, especially in width, for a few days while the natural fibers form to your feet. This is normal. :) Click to review the SIZE CHART
  • How do I return an item?
    Slow fashion is dedicated to making the lowest imprint possible. In our fast-fashion economy, many have become accustomed to 2-day deliveries with unlimited return policies; though there may be a place for quick or impulsive buying that allows for effortless returns, it is incompatible with the philosophy of slow fashion. We are grateful you have chosen to visit our site and are hopeful that you are here because you not only love beautiful, artisanal shoes and wears, but also because you want to make thoughtful purchases that support your ability to thrive as well as our artisans and the planet. Because our little Passeri factory is in a small village in Peru, returns are extremely complicated and expensive. Though we welcome and support your right to return or exchange purchases, please carefully read our full return policy before making a purchase. It is our hope at Passeri that you love every purchase you make and know here, your purchase really does make a world of difference. Before activating any returns, text Luciana at 651-307-6333 with your name and invoice number.
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