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 Your purchase is a love letter to you in the form of shoes. When you wear Passeri you step into your power and create the capacity to:  Be beauty, live compassionately, love everyone, know peace, & be kind.

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Handmade, Artisanal, Slow Fashion

Because we care about you & the planet


Step into your Power

Part of a balanced life is balanced consumption. Our handmade footwear serves as this conscious reminder to connect daily to self, other, and the planet.

We partner with artisans from all over Peru, and create lasting connections that ensure all contractors are paid a thrive-able wage.

Slow Fashion is more than a buzzword at Passeri, it's a identity. As a dedicated slow fashion company we prioritize people & the planet. 

Thoughtful designs that inspire our customers to connect with their higher selves and step into their power!

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Designed in Minnesota

Sourced from South America

Handmade in Peru infused with beauty 

Sent with Love 

To inspire you to step into your power 

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