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The HumanKind Foundation

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The HumanKind Foundation's Awakenings Projects' fundamental objective is to do a deep dive into our own patterns of thought, talk, and behavior, which are imbedded in cultural narratives and that interfere with our personal, relational, communal, and planetary ability to thrive.  This is why our learning opportunities are called the “Awakenings Project.” Merriam Webster defines “awakening” as: “a rousing from sleep;” “a rousing from inactivity or indifference;” and “a coming into awareness.”


We believe that through our own awakenings, people gain the fortitude, skill, and wisdom to lead balanced lives that contribute to the building of a society and world where all can thrive.  

Each of our 1-4 session programs addresses a relevant social issue; we combine personal reflection, critical thinking, small group work, and experiential learning to support people's ability to: decompress (create safe spaces where people can be vulnerable); connect (with self and build community); and ascend (become "awakened" and transcend narratives that interfere with everyone's ability to thrive).

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Engage one of our Trainings

We offer in-person small group trainings (recommended for organizations) and virtual trainings for the general public. All of our trainings are free to participants.

Our free virtual sessions are meant for people interested in learning more about the historical underpinnings of racism and how to be antiracist.  These sessions are process-oriented.


Organizations and institutions wishing to create antiracist policies and procedures are encouraged to engage our Awakening's Project "Think tank" on antiracism. Your sessions will be powerful opportunities for your organization to create an antiracist culture; these sessions focus on antiracism and are very different from intercultural or sensitivity trainings that can be beneficial, but don't focus specifically on racism.

If you would like to hire us to work with your organization, please contact Dr. Anna Verhoye at

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