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We aim to be the antidote to self-doubt, anxiety, and disconnection.

Our handmade footwear serves as a conscious reminder to fearlessly live your best life. ¿Por que no?



Our vision is to inspire and empower people to live consciously, recognizing all people have the power to live their best lives by unwaveringly embracing their natural gifts and talents. Kind of great for a shoe company, right?

To develop a world-class company that encourages people to decompress, connect, and transcend where we inspire people to step into their power: To Be Beauty. Live Compassionately. Love Everyone. Know Peace. And Be Kind.

Since being established in 2022, Passeri has been known for an unparalleled commitment to creating wearable art while ensuring we care for you, our artisans, and the planet each step of the way. It’s this standard of excellence that has provided the impetus for us to grow into the business we are today. Come walk with us . . . .


As our products are created by hand, each cut of fabric, stitch, and dye is infused with beauty, love, compassion, peace, and kindness. Because we use natural fibers, we believe that through our processes, these qualities are passed onto you, the consumer. Our products are priced based on our commitment to you, our artisans, and the planet in an effort to deliver the highest quality handmade products made with sustainable labor practices where our artisans are able to live thrive-able lives. And, of course, we use ethically sourced materials in all of our wears. We strive to connect you with products that are made intentionally to inspire you to step into your power.


Slow Fashion is more than a buzzword at Passeri, it's an identity. As a dedicated slow fashion company, we prioritize people and the planet. 

We partner with artisans from all over Peru and have created lasting connections that ensure all craftspeople are paid a thrive-able wage.

Thoughtful designs that inspire our customers to connect with their higher selves, step into their power and be beauty, live compassionately, love everyone, know peace, and be kind.

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